And so it begins….

Nursing school has begun in full force, and I can’t help but think of Theoden ominously saying, “So it begins.” as the enemy begins to swarm Helms Deep… (there’s my nerd reference for the day) I’ve been wanting a challenge for a long time, and now that it’s here, the work is begin to seem a little overwhelming. Nursing school requires a lot more writing that I was anticipating, but a lot of it will be fun research projects. I’m actually excited about being able to utilize my writing skills again.

This semester, our focus will be on Long Term Care. In layman’s terms, this means we’ll be doing our clinicals in nursing homes and rehabilitation centers. So part of me goes, “Oh great, this again….” Because this semester looks as if it’ll be a lot of what my CNA course taught me (obviously we’ll be learning more, like catheters and such), and a lot of the basic skills we’ll start off with, I have already done many times at my prior job at a rehab center in Missouri. I guess I was looking forward to learning a different aspect of nursing, but I also know that fine tuning my skills in this area is needed to continue. The other part of me, because of this, is glad… I’m already fairly comfortable with what we’ll be doing, familiar with the skills, so this is the perfect opportunity to start perfecting these fundamental nursing concepts. Our instructors say that this is a critical semester and that learning the fundamentals will be what makes the rest of our nursing career stronger, so I’m thinking that this is a blessing. I’m still anxious to begin pediatrics, though….


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